Meenakshi Sheshadri talks about her marriage

 Former Miss India and yesteryears dancing queen Meenakshi Sheshadribroke many hearts when she decided to tie the knot with fiancée Harish Mysoreh (a banker) 10 years ago. With hits like 'Hero' and giving tough competition to actresses like Sridevi, and Jayaprada, giving up a lucrative film career for marriage was not a tough decision for her. "I'd been around for quite some time, and thought it was about time I got married. And when Harish came along, I felt ready to settle down. That's it", explains Meenakshi.

Eleven years have passed, since they first met, and she still remembers the day she got married very vividly. Meenakshi gladly re-lives the day for us.

THE WEDDING: "We had a civil wedding, a registered shaadi, in New York. There were people getting married in shorts and banyans. And there I was all dressed in a bright lavish saree. It was a hurried marriage, a friend of ours was the witness. My family couldn't attend the wedding as they were all in India. Harish's friends and family were there though", she recounts with a smile. "My dance teacher's husband, who I consider family, was present." she continues. "Back home in India there was a controversy of sorts that Meenakshi got married all of a sudden, etc, etc.. and I remember laughing it all off, even then", she giggles.

THE MEETING: How did she meet her husband in the first place, is what anyone would want to know, considering the bizarre circumstances under which she got married. "I can't really reveal everything, but we met over the phone through common friends, and met in person one afternoon in New York. That is how it all started, and here we are married, with kids, it's very nostalgic at times", she sighs.

Life was not exactly a bed of roses for Meenakshi as she had to stay away from her family to pursue her goals, back home in India. "I had to stay away from Harish for about six months at a stretch at times. But he was very supportive. He knew and understood my passion for dance, and told me to go ahead. My network of friends, my parents, and artists in India helped me throughout. "I am very passionate about my dance. It is that passion that keeps me going even today."

REALITY CHECK: Most may think that the girl who has played the perfect daughter-in-law and wife on screen must be more than perfect in real life too. But Meenakshi begs to differ. "I think I was the worst of all daughters-in-law. Though I think I make a very good wife and mother (she laughs). When I got married, I didn't know to cook, or be the goody goody person everyone imagined me to be. But I got along only because of the love and support from my husband and his folks too", she says matter of factly. Now, she has two kids, a seven year old daughter and a three year old son.

Meenakshi's opinion on what makes a relationship work are very interesting too. She nonchalantly insists that there is no one factor, or secret for the perfect marriage. "It depends on various factors. "Life is different for an individual in a nuclear family as opposed to a joint family. The thoughts of the people concerned could be traditional or modern, etc. Conflicts are always there in a marriage. It is inevitable. Finding a solution remains in your hands", she says with a lot of maturity in her tone.

"There are a few basics though", she informs. "Trust, honesty, compatibility, without these I don't think any relationship would work, leave alone a marriage. Though I guess distance has kept the romance alive in my marriage. If any couple feel bored, after a few years in marriage, they could probably stay away for some time. That way, when they meet each other again, it will definitely be very romantic", she quips.

Ask her what she dislikes about her hubby and pat comes the answer, "I don't like it when he tries to get intellectual when I want to get naughty!", and bursts into peels of laughter. "I used to get intellectual when others tried to get naughty with me in the industry, which is why I have such an image, but I am very different when I am with Harish", she quips.

PRESENT: Meenakshi is busy with her dance shows as of now, and has also made a documentary on her life in the United States. Her children are an integral part of her life, and she insists she "can't do without them."

As of now, she just can't wait to get back to the US to her hubby dearest.

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